Kirsikka Etuaho

kirsikkaEuropean Patent Attorney, Partner

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The knowledge and scientific expertise mastered by inventors nowadays is amazing. Being involved in translating these astonishing findings into patenting language motivates me to stretch my talent and exploit every bit of scientific thinking once gained at the university. Surprisingly enough the assignments so far have touched organic, inorganic, technical, polymer, physical, pharmaceutical, paper and clinical chemistry as well as genetic engineering, biochemistry and biotechnology, more technical fields and applications I ever could imagine!

Ten years ago I found it great working where technology and law overlap. It still is great! However, understanding these disciplines gains nothing without proper communication: how to convince a judge, an examiner in a patent office or a licensor. Involving people with their needs, beliefs, prejudices, expectations, worries, interests, in this interplay, makes it even more fascinating – and unpredictable