Samu Lamberg

samuEuropean Patent Attorney, Founding Partner

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Patenting is the present model for attempting to fairly award the fruit of research and development efforts. Inventions can be and must be disclosed to promote development of technology and the well-being of the mankind by large. The patent right to exclude others from (commercially) using some technology is bound to the scope in which the patentee has published something technically useful (new and inventive). This system thankfully requires people like us: keen on learning more of ever expanding technical marvels and contributing to the demanding implementation of the decision-making that defines who gets IP rights and to what extents. Each invention is by definition unique, unlike any before. Yet each invention must be fairly assessed with common criteria in sake of legitimate expectations of the patentee and all others as well.

I am privileged for having such a great sandpit as a job. The ultimate joy of my work is that I get to learn and share things I’ve learned every day with other people, whether colleagues, customers or examiners of the patent offices around the world. Time after time, the best results are produced by co-operation that combines the different ideas and knowledge of different people.