About Us

”Our mission is to help our clients to obtain quality patents that match their business needs, to use their patents in a most profitable way, and to defend against patent threats.

Espatent was founded on the principle that the most important thing in a patent agency is the know-how with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ business. We do our job in such a way that You have our full expertise at your disposal while we can enjoy doing what we do best.

The right people are needed in order for us to be able to provide the best possible solution for protecting Your innovation. We have carefully assembled a team of top individuals working seamlessly together. Our patent attorneys and support staff have handled patents in industry, patent offices and market court. We master the whole playing field, which ensures the quality of our services.

You have diverse needs and wishes, often the only common factor is innovation and protecting it with patents, or minimizing risks of own business. We handle patenting with both large and small enterprises and provide solutions for Your varying situations as well in a flexible manner. In Finland and worldwide. Our expertise adapts to Your needs.

We hope that You contact us, perhaps even before patent-related issues become actual. Let us contemplate together how we can help Your business grow and develop.”

Sanna Kalliola
CEO, Founding Partner